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What We Do

TPA Services

Cobra Administration

One Source Billing

Online Enrollment Platform

Individual Organization Websites

Enrollment Assistance

TPA Services

Financial Services

Debt Evaluation

Financial Literacy Presentations/Webinars

TRS and Social Security Education

Wealth Management

403(b) Investments

457 Plans

Retirement Planning

Financial Services

Employee Benefits

GFG offers a diverse catalog of affordable beneftis that provide solutions for the needs of all employees:

Critical Illness
Employee Assistance Programs

Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Savings Accounts

Hospital Indemnity
Medical Transport

Student Debt Relief

Term Life
Whole Life

Employee Benefits


Gentry Financial Group, LLC offers quality products that enhance and support the financial planning of the individuals with whom we work. This is coupled with outstanding service in an environment that promotes knowledgeable, comfortable decision making.  Our interest in the welfare of our clients is sincere and supportive. Whether it's investing for retirement, determining appropriate life insurance coverage, or selecting a disability plan, our goal is to guide individuals to make decisions that assist them in securing their financial assets for the future.



"Y'all are wonderful!!  I will put up a fight if there is ever talk of switching!  Seriously, I've been with several TPA's, and your customer service and knowledge is top-notch!  Thank you!” 

—  Carly Snead, Payroll Coordinator Melissa ISD

The most important assets of Gentry Financial Group and the reasons GFG exists. 


The people we have the privilege of serving and providing for on a regular basis.  

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